Sweden Speeds Towards Carbon Neutrality

Sweden has long been a global leader in sustainability and their rail system is yet another example of this.

Sweden’s leading rail operators, SJ and Green Cargo, demonstrate the country’s commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. With both entities government-owned, they harness Sweden’s vast resource of renewable electricity, primarily from hydroelectric and wind-powered plants, to power their trains.

  • SJ, having completed the electrification of its entire rail network, focused on developing an eco-friendly fleet
  • SJ used trains manufactured with environmentally-conscious materials and employs regenerative electrical braking
  • Green Cargo, the freight provider, ensures 92 percent of its operations use electric trains, with efforts to minimize the 3 percent reliance on diesel through investments in more fuel-efficient engines

Both companies came together in a beautifully engineered symbiotic partnership to engage in meticulous eco-friendly practices, such as:

  • Operating biogas trains
  • Manually dismantling old carriages for recyclable materials
  • Sorting onboard waste for recycling

These efforts have even garnered awards! SJ received a Grand Travel Award for energy recycling efforts.

Notably, environmental considerations now rank as the top reason passengers choose these trains. The companies’ success in environmental sustainability has drawn interest from rail operators worldwide, showcasing them as pioneers in eco-friendly rail development.

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See the trains in action on SJ’s Instagram profile:

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