3 Tips For Energy-Efficient Home Heating

A cottage home in Devizes, England. Photo by Ritchie Valens.
A cottage home in Devizes, England. Photo by Ritchie Valens.

For many of us, cold weather has arrived or is right around the corner. Paired with increasing energy and gas prices and a growing awareness about protecting the climate, many are looking for more energy-efficient and eco-friendly ways to heat their home.

So, to help set you in the right direction, here are three ways to do just that:

  • Use a heat pump. When it’s time to replace your old heating system, consider getting a heat pump – an eco-friendly home heating and cooling appliance that pulls double duty. What’s more, heat pumps are often more cost-effective, too!
    • If you live near a major city in Canada, check out this easy cost calculator to find the most cost-effective home heating solution for your region. It’ll also provide estimated carbon emissions for each option!
  • Clean your vents and replace your filters. Yes, this is as simple as it sounds! If your home is heated by a furnace or forced air system, replace the filter and clean dust and debris from your vents. Not doing so can force the system to work harder and block the warm air from entering your home.
    • Check the owner’s manual if you’re unsure how to safely replace the filter.
  • Patch heat leaks. Older homes are often “leaky” when it comes to heating and cooling, letting outdoor temperatures transfer too easily between thin or holey structural items. However, this can be improved by updating a few key things, like insulation, flooring, and windows.
    • Upgrading or updating home fixtures can carry prohibitive upfront costs. Look for rebates from companies and government bodies to help offset this!

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