How One Woman Feeds Her Family Using Her Backyard Food Forest

Asia, a young mother of 2, has developed an impressive urban homestead over the past three years.

Why This Man Quit His Career In Finance To Start His Permaculture Homestead

Seeking to fill a void and feel connected to nature, Andrew Martin quit his career in finance to develop his permaculture homestead in New Zealand.

How One Guy Pivoted From Golf Greens To Gardens

1957 in the USA was the heyday of suburban development. Subdivisions started popping up everywhere, and Bozeman, Montana, was no exception.

How to Build Your Home Orchard Using the Secrets of Trios

“Ah man, I have so much delicious, abundant fruit that I don’t even know what to do with it all!” Nice problem to have, eh?! By planting your home orchard trees in smart [trios] you can create this reality.

How To Naturally Fertilize Your Garden With Compost Tea

How To Naturally Fertilize Your Garden With Compost Tea
Whether you’re a lifelong permaculture pro or simply permaculture-curious, your ears probably perk up whenever the word “compost” is mentioned. But have you ever heard of compost tea? Learn more about this incredibly beneficial, all-natural fertilizer.

How This Man Turned Undesirable Land Into A Natural Pool

Ever wished you had a super cute, swimmable backyard pond that doubled as a wildlife haven? David Pagan Butler did, so he created one! Thankfully, he also shared the process and beautiful results for the rest of us to enjoy and learn from.

How to Permaculture Your Yard: 5 Tips

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Giving your yard a permaculture makeover is a totally doable, smart move. Permaculture planting can be different than other forms of gardening, though, so you’ll want to take an organized approach to your goals.

Designing Your Resilient Homestead: 3 important things to consider

Photo by  Erik van Dijk on  Unsplash
We are existing in one of the most exciting eras to be alive: we have the know-how and technology to build better systems than what currently exist. Because, as many are already aware, our current systems are broken and we are nearing the limit of what the current systems can achieve. But what’s hopeful is that viable solutions exist at every level of society.

Preserving An Ancient Egyptian Oasis

Photo by  David Gavi
Permaculture is about creating permanence and self-sustaining systems. But exactly how long does something need to “work” or be sustained in order to be considered permanent?

Meet The Quack Squad

This squad of 1,000+ ducks helps manage pests and bugs at a South African vineyard.