Preserving An Ancient Egyptian Oasis

Photo by  David Gavi
Permaculture is about creating permanence and self-sustaining systems. But exactly how long does something need to “work” or be sustained in order to be considered permanent?

Meet The Quack Squad

This squad of 1,000+ ducks helps manage pests and bugs at a South African vineyard.

Unexpected plant power

Photo by  feey  on  Unsplash
Plants are pretty darn powerful, and pretty darn useful. The everyday plant varieties that grow around us provide all kinds of benefits that can help savvy people live a little more abundantly and self-sufficiently:

Juuuuust In Case

Photo by  Vyacheslav Makodin
You never know what life is going to throw your way. So juuuust in case you ever find yourself in a wacky never-coulda-predicted-this type of situation, here are some of our favourite random hacks and tips we saw this week.