Systems Thinking

How Reducing Ship Pollution Accidentally Sped Up Ocean Warming

Three Cute Critters Contributing to Earth’s Systems

Wow, you just read a lot of super serious, kinda heavy stuff. We think you deserve a reward. A really, really adorable reward! Here are three cute critters contributing to Earth’s health and ecosystems by simply existing.

The Centralization of American Food Systems

What would the world look like if a country’s food production and access were controlled by only 10 companies? What about five companies? Or just one? This is the reality that the United States is currently grappling with, as discussed in a recent podcast between Joe Rogan and regenerative cattle farmers Will and Jenni Harris.

5 Easy Eco-Friendly Holiday Swaps

Natural gift wrapping. Photo by Cassidy Dickens
The holidays are in full swing, but there’s still time to choose eco-friendly options for those last-minute decorations, activities, and gifts. Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

The True Cost of Cheap Food

Is organic food too expensive, or is conventional food too cheap? Why do so many people struggle to afford both? What is the true cost of cheap food if we factor in environmental degradation and human health?

What We Can Learn From How The Sahara and The Amazon Work Together

The massive expanse of sand and rock that is the Sahara Desert has a little-know but vital role in planet health: it provides critical nutrients for Earth’s largest rainforest—the Amazon.

What Could an Optimistic Solarpunk Future Look Like?

AI-generated concept art of a futuristic solarpunk city from Monomosite on Instagram.
There’s a movement that’s radically reimagining the future where tech and nature work together in harmony. It’s called solarpunk.

Artificial Reefs Boost Surrounding Ecosystem, Study Finds

Many people are familiar with the use of artificial reefs to help restore underwater ecosystems, especially for coral and fish

How Amphibians Restore and Balance The Land

Amphibians are an extremely important—though often overlooked and highly threatened—part of a healthy, thriving ecosystem. Learn how amphibians restore and balance the land.

3 Little-Known (But Important) Ways To Protect The Wilderness While You Explore

Photo by Jimmy Conover
Some outdoor tips are pretty obvious, but others-not so much. Here are three little-known but important things to do while exploring the outdoors to help keep it wild and pristine.