How Beavers Tell the Future

When beavers start hiding Aspen saplings under the water, something awfully specific is around the corner!

The Water Cup 🏆: How a competition is solving India’s water crisis

Water capture and management is at the heart of human survival needs. And people in certain regions of India have really been feeling the struggle of capturing water in a way that will allow them to grow abundant crops and keep the villages hydrated.

Collecting The Clouds: How a Spanish engineer is watering the Canary Islands

Whether you’re planning to strike out on your own as a homesteader, already have a thriving farm, or simply want a more independent or eco-friendly way to access water, this solution from Spain might have the answer.

All’s Swale That Ends Swale

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash
We’re big fans of swales, and our consulting team often recommends them to people who are starting their homestead or resilient land transition.

Making it rain: how trees talk to the clouds

According to SciShow, “trees produce monoterpenes, using carbon dioxide that they collect from the atmosphere during photosynthesis.” Trees are able to store certain types of these monoterpenes, which researchers believe the trees release into the atmosphere in times of dryness or drought to help stimulate cloud creation: