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Regeneratively Grown Flour is Now on the Market

Regeneratively grown Climate Blend flour. Image credit: King Arthur Baking Company.
Regeneratively grown flour is on the market! King Arthur Baking Company, a Vermont-based flour and baking goods company, has introduced a new whole wheat flour called Regeneratively-Grown Climate Blend.

Musicians Band Together for Sustainability

Concerned about the environmental impact of traditional touring, musicians Seth Bye and Chris Roberts of Filkin’s Drift, a musical duo based in Birmingham, UK, walked their 60-day tour along the coast of Wales.

Sweden Tackles High-Tech Plastic Recycling

Electric-powered waste collection vehicle in Sweden. Image credits: Sofia Sabel/
Sweden’s new high-tech recycling plant can sort more plastic than anywhere else in the world: 1,000 packages per second, adding up to 200,000 metric tons annually.

Major Rainforest Nations Team Up to Preserve Biodiversity

The Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Photo from Anna & Michal, used under Creative Commons license.
In an exciting step towards global forest preservation, several major rainforest nations came together recently at the second-ever Three Basins Summit to discuss plans and tactics for protecting and restoring important rainforest ecosystems.

5 Must-See Films and Series about Regenerative Agriculture (and similar topics)

Looking for your next movie night film, binge series, or just some extra confirmation that you’re not in this regenerative agriculture thing alone? Check out these 5 recently released documentaries!

How plants could create self-healing clothing

Chanterelle mushroom on the forest floor. Photo by  Timothy Dykes.
What if your clothes could regenerate themselves? Scientists are working on just that, using mycelium leather.

Humans are the key(stone) to regeneration

People are powerful, and that fact comes with both blessings and curses. Thankfully, people are putting that power to good use more and more. Because, we’ve all heard the seemingly endless stories about how humans are destroying our planet, wrecking our soil and polluting our ocean.