Regenerative Agriculture

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Can Food Systems Go Fossil-Free?

Are fossil-free food systems a reality within our lifetime? Are they even a possibility? These are the questions that were posed on The Great Simplification podcast recently (watching and listening options included).

Meet Two of the Bright and Energetic New Faces of Regenerative Farming

Francesca and Hollie on their Farm. Photo courtesy of Nunwell Farm.
Francesca Cooper and Hollie Fallick of Wales are two bright young minds putting regenerative farming into practice, and their work has been inspiring others worldwide to follow in their footsteps.

Dutch Farmers Get Help Transitioning To Regenerative Practices

Sheep graze at a farm in the Netherlands. Photo by  E Mens.
Farmers in the Netherlands are getting a boost from several partners to help them transition to regenerative practices.

Why Healthy, Happy Livestock Are A Key Part Of Regenerative Agriculture

Photo by  Sasikumar J.
When it comes to regenerative agriculture, animal welfare plays a key part in keeping land healthy

How Smart Cattle Grazing Can Bring Back Native Grasses

Regenerative agriculture has a lot of benefits, and restoring natural, native grasslands is one of the ways to access those benefits: it can help bring the right animals, insects, and nutrients for grazing farm animals back to abundance in the area.