Dutch Farmers Get Help Transitioning To Regenerative Practices

Sheep graze at a farm in the Netherlands. Photo by  E Mens.
Sheep graze at a farm in the Netherlands. Photo by E Mens.

Farmers in the Netherlands are getting a boost from several partners to help them transition to regenerative practices.

Do regenerative agriculture, profitability, and social support go together?

Three universities, 54 food system partners (including regenerative farmers), and government bodies in the Netherlands think so, and they’re willing to bet 129 million euros on it, which will come from the country’s National Growth Fund.

More than just optimism

The proposal for a new “Re-Ge-NL” program puts grassroots efforts and education at the forefront of its plan.

  • The program will provide support and solutions to help farmers switch to regenerative practices
  • “For the average farmer, the switch to a regenerative way of working is sometimes unfeasible due to lack of knowledge, economic perspective, or working examples. Re-Ge-NL addresses these bottlenecks through an integrated system approach and with bottom-up involvement of farmers. In this way, it will be demonstrated that and how a transition is possible.” National Growth Fund Advisory Committee

Big goals to help farmers

So what does this initiative hope to accomplish?

  • Educate 10,000 farmers and advisors on regenerative agriculture
  • Help 1,000 farmers switch to regenerative farming by 2030
  • Show the world that sustainable agriculture is possible and profitable!

Maarten van Dam, of regenerative farm Schevichoven and agricultural projects agency Farwin: *”*We are proud of our regenerative permaculture at Schevichoven, but we cannot do it alone. We believe that Re-Ge-NL will remove obstacles and accelerate the transition: Simultaneously focusing on all bottlenecks such as sales, knowledge sharing and financing is the only way to cope with the urgency and make regenerative agriculture the new normal!” Source

This initiative could help move the needle in the world of Sustainable Agriculture in a really good way. Learn more.

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