Greening Cities

How The City Of Love Is Going Green

How The Miyawaki Method is Regreening The World

A mushroom sprouts amongst fallen pine needles in the forest. Photo by João Vítor Heinrichs.
“Act your age!” is definitely not what a Miyawaki method tiny forest wants to hear. You’d be better off telling it that it’s so big for its age—that’s a real compliment for these forests.

Why We Need Tree Equity

A tree-lined street. Photo by Craig Vodnik
Good landscaping often increases a property’s value by several percent. And that includes simply having a nice-looking tree or hedge on the property.

5 Cities Around the World Making Big Strides in Greening Their Spaces and Making Them More Livable

People enjoy a park in Seoul, South Korea. Photo by Daniel Bernard.
Urban green space projects in multiple countries worldwide are helping to improve the quality of life for residents. Here's how a few of them are doing it: