5 Cities Around the World Making Big Strides in Greening Their Spaces and Making Them More Livable

People enjoy a park in Seoul, South Korea. Photo by Daniel Bernard.
People enjoy a park in Seoul, South Korea. Photo by Daniel Bernard.

Urban green space projects in multiple countries worldwide are helping to improve the quality of life for residents. Here’s how a few of them are doing it:

  • Curitiba, Brazil. In Curitiba, the parks system’s design echoes each river’s meandering path. During heavy rains, the river floods and spreads out, creating temporary lakes and mimicking natural floodplains.
  • Seoul, South Korea. In 2022, changes to building height limits will enable more land to be used for green space to help improve quality of life.
  • Turkey (multiple locations). A green spaces project in Turkey will create 154 gardens by greening old stadiums and airports. These plans intend to help citizens enjoy the benefits of more greenery.
  • London, England. The City of London is using a variety of approaches to green up their city and improve the quality of life:
    • Covering roofs and walls with plants
    • Planting street trees
    • Creating small pocket parks in between buildings
  • Norway (multiple locations). Norway has long been researching the importance of green spaces to achieve sustainability goals. Their green structures concept helps guide urban development to include features for biodiversity, industry production, transportation, recreation, water management, and more!

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