Food Security

Ugly food is back on the menu

Photo by  Valiant Made
When it comes to food and nutrition, it truly is what’s on the inside that counts! That’s why several businesses, individuals, and organizations are rethinking their approach to food in order to reduce food waste and improve food security.

Canning Makes A Comeback

Photo by Micah Tindell
Whether it’s to avoid the skyrocketing grocery story prices, prepare for potential economic downturn or avoid the many toxic substances that can now be found in canned goods from conventional grocery stores, people are returning to home canning as a way to take back a bit of control over their food and nutrition.

Little Gardens, Big Impact: The underestimated power of community gardening

People working at a Community garden
When a lot of people imagine “regenerative agriculture,” a few things come to mind: expertly engineered greenhouses, abundant sprawling fields, happy local farmers bringing their food to the local market. But an often overlooked aspect of regenerative agriculture and even permaculture is the power of community gardens: plots of land, often (but not always!) in city and residential areas, tended to by a group of people. The gardens are generally divided into individually managed or shared plots.

An apple a day keeps the food insecurity away

Apple farm
People around the globe are finding ingenious ways to improve food security for themselves and others.