6 People Boosting Local Food Security by Saving Seeds

Maybe they’re not the flashiest of activities, but the ancient practices of saving seeds and embracing indigenous plants have become global game-changers for food security and biodiversity.

Read below to meet the trailblazers harnessing these superpowers, and dive deeper into each project by reading our blog post or visiting them online.

  1. Tina Davies (Prince Edward Island, Canada). A seed-saving superstar preserving heritage plants and advocating for sustainable agriculture.
  2. Tiffany Traverse (Treaty 8 territory, Alberta, Canada).- A passionate advocate preserving indigenous seeds for cultural identity and food security.
  3. Caleb Musgrave (Hiawatha First Nation, Ontario, Canada).- A horticulture and botany expert inspiring sustainable living through his plant knowledge.
  4. Michelle Week (Portland, Oregon). A resilient farmer using Indigenous knowledge to adapt to changing seasons and climate.
  5. Vandana Shiva (Doon Valley, Himalayas). A global environmental activist promoting seed sovereignty and sustainable agriculture.
    1. Seed sovereignty is the right of farmers to save, use, exchange, and/or sell their own seeds.
  6. Rahibai Soma Popere (Maharashtra, India) – A seed conservationist who saves and shares indigenous seeds, ensuring food security, nutrition and biodiversity.

These seed savers show how one person can profoundly impact food security, cultural heritage, and biodiversity preservation. Their work sets a global example for sustainable farming and rural empowerment.

Get involved: Seed saving can start small! How will you save your seeds?

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