Land Management

Why New Trees Aren’t Always A Good Thing

Not all forest replants are created equal. Some create thriving, carbon-sequestering ecosystems, while other can be downright disasterous.

3 Exciting Earth Stories

We read and watch a lot of stuff while putting together The Shift each week, and sometimes have to skip some pretty cool stories because we just don't have room for them.

The Surprising Benefits of Eco Corridors

A wildlife bridge over the Trans-Canada Highway near Banff, Alberta. Image used under Creative Commons license from Daveynin.
Many of you have seen those green-covered overpasses stretching across highways to allow animals to safely cross from one side to another. That’s one version of an ecological corridor. But far more than just being a cool animal overpass or pretty spot to relax, there are multiple benefits of ecological corridors in urban spaces.

How We Can Boost Forest Recovery

A lush fall forest in Quebec, Canada. Photo by Gadiel Lazcano.
Recent research by over 50 fire ecologists, studying 10,000 post-wildfire sites, reveals that altering wildfire intensity can significantly aid forest recovery.

Why We Need To Bring Back Silvoculture

We live in a time when our brightest minds are racing to develop mind-boggling technology, which they hope will steer humanity in a positive, climate-friendly direction. And while technology and future thinking are powerful, they’re incomplete without peering into the wisdom of the past.

How Aspen Trees Tell The Future

Did you know that Aspen trees can tell the future? Yep - when you see little buds forming in the spring, the Aspen trees might be trying to tell you something.

How One Man Created A Massive Underground Citrus Grove

When the going gets tough, the tough dig a gigantic underground citrus grove! What started as troubling, barren land became a thriving oasis and heat-resistant home, thanks to one man’s ingenuity and persistence.

How Indigenous Forest Management Systems Build Fire Resiliency

Clearing portions of the forest during wildfire off-seasons is a common fire mitigation technique. Photo by Markus Spiske.
The landscape needs to burn. But our homes, farms, and towns don’t. This is the wisdom being put forward by Indigenous forest managers in British Columbia, Canada, a place that has recently been hit hard by wildfires.

How Fake Beaver Dams Could Save This Farm

It may sound strange, but building a fake beaver dam is one of the first steps in regenerating and saving Glassie Farm in Scotland.

How Tiny Forests Speed Up The Re-Greening Process

Have you heard of Tiny Forests®? Meant to help speed up the natural afforestation that would happen if nature were allowed to take over an area.