Oman Revives Millions of Mangroves

Mangroves. Photo by Maxwell Ridgeway.
Mangroves. Photo by Maxwell Ridgeway.

Oman, a minor oil-producing nation, has taken the lead in the Gulf region in mangrove restoration, revival, and preservation to protect the land against environmental changes, as mangroves are highly effective carbon sinks and provide numerous other benefits.

  • The country is planting millions of mangrove seeds using direct, targeted planting methods.
  • Oman is also participating in carbon credit programs to offset emissions, with plans to plant 100 million trees over four years.
  • The Al-Qurm forest covers 197 acres and could store up to 80 tons of CO2 per hectare in above-ground biomass and sediments.

The initiative reflects a growing awareness in the region about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable practices to address climate change.

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