About Us

Welcome to The Shift

We’re a weekly email packed with bite-sized pieces of information, tips and inspiration, all revolving around our favourite topics: antifragile systems, regeneration, permaculture, education, community, and visionary thinking.

We hope The Shift will be far more than information. Our vision is to build a hopeful community of people who believe in nature’s power to heal itself and provide. But this new way of viewing the world requires “a shift” in how we think—and that’s what inspired our name.

5th World

The Shift is a project of 5th World—a rapidly growing land regeneration company on a mission to support regenerative practices by shifting mindsets and economic systems. Our international team of 20+ individuals is based in British Columbia, Canada. We work to fulfill our mission through education and courses, land regeneration consulting, training and certifying consultants, developing cutting-edge monitoring and verification systems, and building financial mechanisms to support landowners in regenerative practices.

Learn more about 5th World here.