Iceland Builds First Hempcrete House

Iceland Builds First Hempcrete House
Iceland has officially joined the Hempcrete club by completing its first building with the material. Anna, one of the architects behind the project, describes her inspiration in an interview with Iceland Review

World’s First House 3D Printed Using Only Organic Material

For the first time in history, a house has been 3D printed using only organic materials.

Hempcrete’s Unexpected Building Power

You’ve heard of hemp. You’ve heard of concrete. And now we bring you (drumroll please!)… Hempcrete!

3 Ways To Make The Suburbs More Regenerative

A typical North American suburb. Photo by  Michael Tuszynski
Love them or hate them, the suburbs are a fixture of modern life. So, we figure we may as well share our two cents about what we want to see from future suburbia.

How Earthship Homes Capture Energy, Water & Food at Lower Cost

Blending ancient wisdom with modern engineering and tech, Earthships and Earthship communities often look like something from a galaxy far, far away, but they’re actually one of the more earthy home styles available today. By blending old techniques with new, Earthships manage to be surprisingly low tech but high comfort.

How This Housing + Farming Development Is Solving Several Issues At Once

Rendering of what the space could look like. Image courtesy of Thornbury Acres.
An exciting new cooperative living and farming development project, just two hours from Toronto (Canada’s most populous city), is in the works. This forward-thinking project will accomplish many things, including helping families create a sustainable farming and homesteading life and offering residents a built-in community of like-minded people.

3 Stunning Biophilic Design Homes

Biophilic design can be absolutely beautiful, and a true breath of fresh air. Check out these stunning examples of biophilic design around the world.