How Earthship Homes Capture Energy, Water & Food at Lower Cost

If you’ve ever wanted to live in the universe of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, this might be your chance. Or at least, to kinda feel like you’re there, by stepping into the otherworldly yet incredibly earthy-looking Earthship homes.

Intelligent design that maximizes Earth systems

Blending ancient wisdom with modern engineering and tech, Earthships and Earthship communities often look like something from a galaxy far, far away, but they’re actually one of the more Earthy home styles available today.

Low tech but high comfort

By blending old techniques with new, Earthships accomplish things like:

  • The design catches rainwater, which is cleaned and used for washing and drinking, then repurposed multiple times for things like watering plants and flushing toilets.
  • By angling the homes just right, certain portions catch sunlight to provide energy and maintain proper water temperatures.
  • 50% of the home is made of recycled materials, like tires and glass bottles, which provide structure, temperature buffer, light, and, sometimes, beautiful designs.
  • Underground air intake vents provide cool air naturally.
  • A strategically-placed greenhouse provides a low-maintenance garden as well as a temperature buffer.

By intelligently designing and orienting their homes, Earthship dwellers avoid having to constantly rely on external resources while maintaining a comfortable quality of life. Watch the video to learn more!

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