Sewage Could Be Used For…Clean Energy?

How Australia Got Solar Panels Into 30% Of Homes

Arial shot of a Melbourne, Australia neighbourhood with several visible rooftop solar panels. Photo by  Tom Rumble.
Rooftop solar installations now account for 11% of Australia's electricity, contributing to a total renewable energy share of 38%.

How Hungary and Latvia are Handling A Critical Clean Energy Transition

Half of the EU’s energy use goes towards heating and cooling, and ¾ of that comes from fossil fuels. So it’s no surprise that a transition to clean energy for indoor climate control could result in a major reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) pollution.

Fixing Wind Turbines Is Environmentalism For Adrenaline Junkies

Wind turbines in Alberta, Canada. Photo by Mahesh Gupta.
What if you could get paid to help the planet in an adrenaline-infused experience every day? Well, this guy found a career that lets him do just that!

3 Weirdly Wonderful Discoveries that Could Generate Clean Energy

Lightning over mountains. Photo by Micah Tindell.
The world has long been looking for an alternative to producing energy - something renewable, clean, and readily available. Here are a few unexpected projects that are generating clean energy right now.

3 Tips For Energy-Efficient Home Heating

A cottage home in Devizes, England. Photo by Ritchie Valens.
For many of us, cold weather has arrived or is right around the corner. Paired with increasing energy and gas prices and a growing awareness about protecting the climate, many are looking for more energy-efficient and eco-friendly ways to heat their home.

Investments in renewable energy overtake fossil fuels for the first time

Workers install solar panels. Photo by  Ricardo Gomez Angel.
This year, for the first time, investments in renewable energy will overtake investments in fossil fuel (coal, oil, natural gas), according to a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Is The Future Of Wind Energy Bladeless?

What is the future of wind energy? The first wind farm was built in 1980 in the United States, and the technology has been steadily improving ever since, with windy places like Kansas, USA, investing in building wind farms for decades.

Alberta, Canada Is Making Its Energy Sector Renewable

Silhouette of the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Photo by Kyler Nixon.
Alberta, Canada, is a province with a long-standing stake and reputation in the energy sector, specifically when it comes to oil and gas. But in an effort to both reach sustainable energy targets and ensure long-term economic health, the way the province does energy is set to drastically change in coming years.

Chipotle Goes Electric With New Restaurant Design

New electric restaurant design rendering by Chipotle. Image courtesy of Chipotle Mexican Grill.
Chipotle announced a new all-electric restaurant design that aims to maximize energy efficiency in its equipment and systems to help cut emissions while the chain expands.