Fixing Wind Turbines Is Environmentalism For Adrenaline Junkies

Wind turbines in Alberta, Canada. Photo by Mahesh Gupta.
Wind turbines in Alberta, Canada. Photo by Mahesh Gupta.

What if you could get paid to help the planet in an adrenaline-infused experience every day? Well, this guy found a career that lets him do just that!

Meet Edan Blomme, an adventure seeker from Canada who is carving the way for adrenaline junkies with a knack for fixing stuff in the agricultural and sustainable energy sector. How? Well, he’s a rockstar rope access blade repair technician, and his playground is wind turbines.

Picture this: Edan throwing ropes off the towering turbines and rappelling down like it’s just another day in the office (which, for him, it totally is). He’s up top fixing blades, and fighting erosion from sand and lighting. It’s like a superhero showdown, but for renewable energy.

And when he’s not fixing turbines? Edan can be found on his mission to train and mentor others in the field, and be the wind beneath the wings of renewable energy in Alberta. He’s even teaming up with Advance Blade Repair Services to cook up Canada’s first-ever blade repair school in Alberta!

Dig Deeper: Read the full story from CBC about Edan and his adrenaline-infused job here!

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