Hempcrete’s Unexpected Building Power

You’ve heard of hemp. You’ve heard of concrete. And now we bring you (drumroll please!)… Hempcrete!

Corny intros aside, hempcrete is a pretty powerful building material that’s already being put to use in various applications, including housing.

Used in place of traditional bricks or conventional concrete, hempcrete is made by mixing hemp with a lime binder and water.

But, unlike other types of concrete, hempcrete

  • Doesn’t require heat to produce, which makes it much easier on the planet
  • Actually sequesters carbon over its lifetime
  • Is made into Lego-like stackable lightweight bricks

And that’s not all. Other benefits of hempcrete include:

  • Exceptional insulation properties that far outperform conventional concrete
  • Antifungal and antimicrobial properties
  • Can absorb water while conditions are wet, and dispel the water when it’s sunny
  • Fire resistant for up to two hours

Check out the fun, quick video above to get the rundown on the amazing benefits of hempcrete.

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