How This Housing + Farming Development Is Solving Several Issues At Once

Rendering of what the space could look like. Image courtesy of Thornbury Acres.
Rendering of what the space could look like. Image courtesy of Thornbury Acres.

Homesteading just became a lot more accessible!

An exciting new cooperative living and farming development project, just two hours from Toronto (Canada’s most populous city), is in the works. This forward-thinking project will

  • Help families create a sustainable farming and homesteading life
  • Offer residents a built-in community of like-minded people

The set-up

Each household will have a plot of land to personalize with crops of their choice and (of course!) a house to call their own, while maintaining access to community farm assets.

  • Communal orchards, berry patches, fruit and veggies, rotating seasonal crop zones, beehives, and more

Plus, the land is legally protected from being developed into another standard suburb in the future.

Map of the Thornbury Acres plan. Image courtesy of Thornbury Acres.

Extra dough

Revenue-producing farmers markets, corn mazes, and other attractions will take place on the farm to help residents earn some extra cash.

Bushels of support

Ideally, community members will be able to support one another, share financial responsibility and the workload.

Residents can also receive support for sustainability practices and business success from:

  • The farm manager
  • Two interns
  • The co-op board

This project is in planning stages at the moment, but is already setting a smart tone by hosting community discussions and open houses to discuss building plans with community stakeholders.

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