Can Food Systems Go Fossil-Free?

Are fossil-free food systems a reality within our lifetime? Are they even a possibility?

These are the questions that were posed on The Great Simplification podcast recently (watching and listening options included).

Five experts from fields related to food systems and regeneration came together to discuss possibilities and challenges and offer solutions for moving humanity in a more regenerative direction.

We’ve summarized our favourite learnings below, and we recommend checking out the full episode.

5 Ways To Make Food Less Dependant on Fossil Inputs

While fossil-free food isn’t entirely possible yet, there are macro and micro cultural shifts that can have great impacts:

  1. Make It Normal To Learn About Farming and Soil. This includes teaching young people about regenerative ways to grow crops without using more fossil or chemical input than necessary, and teaching methods of farming that don’t rely too heavily on special technologies that are hard to access.
  2. Implement Regenerative and Sustainable Farming. Once we get everyone hyped about farming, it will (hopefully) be a lot easier to implement smart farming methods that replenish the soil, use fewer chemicals, and support a healthy environment.
  3. Make Better Land Use Rules. We should rethink rules about using land so it’s easier
    • For average folks to be self-sustaining and put their land to good use
    • For land managers to protect and replenish their neck of the woods
  4. Match Politics with Nature. Piggybacking off of point three, policy-makers need to keep natural laws top-of-mind and do their part to incentivize and steer all members and parts of society in the right direction.
  5. Provide and Shop Local Food. As much as possible, grocers and shoppers should eat food that’s grown nearby. This can help ensure that local ecosystems thrive and reduce transportation emissions.

It might not be easy, but these are the actions that will make our food system better for everyone.

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