Why Healthy, Happy Livestock Are A Key Part Of Regenerative Agriculture

You know what they say: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And what’s good for the goose and gander is good for the pond that they like to swim in.

Ok actually nobody says that, but the point is that when it comes to regenerative agriculture, animal welfare plays a key part in keeping land healthy:

  • Certified Humane asserts that rotational grazing nourishes the animals while stimulating long-term pasture growth.
  • Gallant International echoes this sentiment in grass-fed, pasture-raised livestock: “A significant degree of animal welfare is critical to agricultural rejuvenation, productivity, and profitability.”

Of course, though, the transition takes time and there are some challenges – meat and dairy production requires vast amounts of land, water, and resources, which can strain ecosystems and contribute to land degradation if managed improperly.

Nevertheless, regenerative farmers are doing exceptional work in pushing these ideas forward, and everyday people who support and share these ideas are helping, too!

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