Regenerative Agriculture

How Science Is Creating New, Regenerative Crop Variations

Perennial plants—those that live for two years or longer—are a staple of modern food. Recently, researchers at The Land Institute have been testing ways to make perennial crops more hardy and regenerative, and they successfully created 14 new wheat variations which are now being tested internationally.

Healing The Soil With Cows

A herd of cows grazes in a field. Photo by Rose D.
Animal agriculture can be a polarizing topic for several reasons. Some concerns about traditional animal farming are its effect on the climate and the welfare of the animals.

Agriculture Of The Future With Ernst Götsch

Agriculture of the future with Ernst Götsch has devoted his life to answering this complex question, and the results are hopeful with his smart planting method.

Meet Syntropic Agriculture

If you haven’t met Regenerative Agriculture’s buddy, Syntropic Agriculture, it’s time to say hello.

Big ideas from the Regenerative Agriculture Summit

Kelly and Danilo at the 5th World team at the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit in Chicago.
Members of the 5th World team—Kelly, who leads the Land Regeneration Team, and Danilo, who leads the MRV team recently attended the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit in Chicago, USA, to learn about the big ideas that are shaping the future of regenerative agriculture.

Fielding Ideas | The west is facing a serious farmer shortage, but solutions are underway

Photo by  Tom Fisk
Canada and other western countries are facing a serious farmer shortage, but solutions are underway.

Farm Fresh: How Will Harris is changing the face of farming (with a little help from Joe Rogan)

Once in a while we come across something on the internet that just needs to be shared with as many people as possible. And Joe Rogan’s interview of pioneering regenerative farmer, Will Harris, is one of those things.

Filthy Rich: Regenerative ag creates nutrient-rich foods while improving crop yields and resiliency

The data is in, and the results are clear: studies consistently show that the no-till, synthetic nitrogen fertilizer method of farming frequently underperforms as compared to organic or regenerative practices in terms of both soil health and crop yields.