Filthy Rich: Regenerative ag creates nutrient-rich foods while improving crop yields and resiliency


The data is in, and the results are clear: studies consistently show that the no-till, synthetic nitrogen fertilizer method of farming frequently underperforms as compared to organic or regenerative practices in terms of both soil health and crop yields.

According to Regeneration International:

“The Farming Systems Trial showed that the organic manure systems that used standard or limited tillage had… higher crop yields than GMO herbicide no-till.” Leu, 2022.

Citing research from Rodale, they continue:

“Very significantly, 40 years of research show that organic maize yields have been 31 percent higher than conventional/industrial farming systems in drought years.” Leu, 2022.

Of course, what exactly constitutes a regenerative practice will vary depending on region, but the findings are promising for those considering a transition to regenerative ag practices!

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