Meet Two of the Bright and Energetic New Faces of Regenerative Farming

Francesca and Hollie on their Farm. Photo courtesy of Nunwell Farm.
Francesca and Hollie on their Farm. Photo courtesy of Nunwell Farm.

Francesca Cooper and Hollie Fallick of Wales are two bright young minds putting regenerative farming into practice, and their work has been inspiring others worldwide to follow in their footsteps.

The two women, who are lifelong friends, regularly share upbeat, inspiring videos online of their regenerative farm that houses chickens, cows, pigs, and grows various fruits and vegetables.

  • Regenerative agriculture strategies can help replenish soil nutrients and stave off depletion of nutrients in the soil caused by other land management strategies.

Boosting food security is a key goal of regenerative farming via strengthening the connections between animals, humans, plants, and soil to create a robust and holistic farming strategy.

Some of the principles they follow are:

  • Never disturbing the soil
  • Cover cropping
  • Maintaining living roots
  • Having a diverse array of crops
  • Using grazing animals to trim cover plants

The ultimate purpose of this form of farming is to replenish depleted soils, increase food security, and enable resiliency in the face of a shifting climate.

All very serious stuff, but we appreciate that Francesca and Hollie have gone the extra mile to make learning about regenerative agriculture fun and engaging while they’re at it!

Dig deeper: Check out the feature article in The Guardian to learn more about Francesca and Hollie’s regenerative farm.

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