5 Must-See Films and Series about Regenerative Agriculture (and similar topics)

Looking for your next movie night film, binge series, or just some extra confirmation that you’re not in this regenerative agriculture thing alone? Check out these 5 recently released documentaries!

  1. Biggest Little Farm. A couple says ‘goodbye’ to city life to start a sustainable farm with the belief that everything—even pests—has a purpose. (TV Series)
  2. Common Ground. Several narrators share a letter to their children about “American farming policy, politics, and health”, and offer ideas for how to improve the system in this movie by the same filmmakers that brought us Kiss The Ground. (Movie)

3. Farm Rebellion. Join a group of friends as they navigate the world of regenerative farming. Their goal? To start a rebellion against unsustainable farming practices and set a good example for the world. (TV series)

4. Seed. A rarely told phenomenon—the large-scale loss of seed diversity around the globe—is finally brought into the light when the underdogs speak out against major seed companies. (Movie)

5. The Need to Grow. Learn about three (perhaps unexpected!) leaders in regenerative agriculture and their quest to rekindle life in dead soil. (Movie)

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