How To Naturally Fertilize Your Garden With Compost Tea

How To Naturally Fertilize Your Garden With Compost Tea

Whether you’re a lifelong permaculture pro or simply permaculture-curious, your ears probably perk up whenever the word “compost” is mentioned. Would you give compost tea a try?

What compost tea is

For the uninitiated, that’s not as nasty as it probably sounds. But hear us out:

  • Compost tea is a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer made from finished compost.
  • It’s made from finished compost that has already decomposed, not the smelly, steaming heap that’s in the middle of the decomposition process.
  • It’s made by using water to extract microorganisms from the compost that harbour the secrets to happy, healthy plants – bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes.
  • It’s a toxin-free option for your farm or garden that rebuilds soil health with every application, boosts plant growth, and improves nutrient retention.

How to use compost tea

Using compost tea is just like using any other fertilizer. Most of the same rules apply:

  1. Pour at ground level and create a generous bath.
  2. Apply when the sun is at low-medium strength to avoid UV damage to the microbes.

Learn more about the enormous benefits of compost tea and how it supercharges your plants (and the soil they call home) by checking out our blog post where we break it all down for you.

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