5 Apps That Reward Planet-Friendly Behaviour (for employers, consumers, students, and more)

A man checks his phone while waiting for the train. Photo by  Clem Onojeghuo.
A man checks his phone while waiting for the train. Photo by Clem Onojeghuo.

Sometimes people need help making choices that are good for the planet, and sometimes a little enlightened self-interest can really help those choices along. After all, who doesn’t love a reward?

Here are five apps that reward sustainable behaviour:

  1. Kiri Technologies. Users earn KiriCoin for the CO2 saved when they take sustainable action. Use your KiriCoin in the Kiri marketplace to buy products from Green Merchants.
  2. PIPs Rewards. Users earn Positive Impact Points (PIPs) when they take sustainable actions (like taking public transit, biking, or volunteering). PIPs can be exchanged for high-value rewards, like grants for students.
  3. Well.ca. A Canadian marketplace for zero waste, green cleaning, and natural skincare products. Be aware, they do carry some conventional products. They have their own points app where 25,000 rewards points equal $10 redeemable value in the marketplace.
  4. JouleBug. Workplace incentives for a Western audience. Users can choose from 70+ sustainability actions (or create their own). Track individual, team, and company environmental impacts. And motivate employees with competition and collaboration.
  5. Liight. A Spanish-language app that rewards sustainable behaviour in the workplace. Track sustainable behaviours, calculate daily carbon footprint reduction, and motivate through challenges. You’re rewarded with sustainable fashion products, technology, leisure activities, and social impact.

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