5 Creative Projects That Are Keeping Beaches Clean

Photo by Marta Ortigosa
Photo by Marta Ortigosa

Thanks to it being summer, we’ve been spending a lot more time at the beach lately.

But while we were lounging around with our snacks and bevvies and watching the clouds go by, these five creative crews were collecting garbage from beaches and turning it into something wonderful:

  • Sea2See creates optical frames and sunglasses in Italy and watches in Switzerland that are made entirely from recycled marine plastic collected by fishermen in Spain, France and West Africa.
  • Bureo Skateboards. Bureo collects discarded fishing nets and recycles them into a few products, including skateboards!
  • Jenga Ocean. This eco-friendly take on the classic game is 100% make from recycled fishing nets.
  • GOT BAG. Made from recycled plastic that’s collected in ocean and mangrove areas, GOT BAGs are stylish and water-resistant.
  • Ocean Sole. Locals collect flip-flops from beaches, clean them up, glue them together, then artisans carve the flip flops into beautiful pieces of art.

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