7 New Earth-Friendly Tech Innovations To Know

Promising new inventions are popping up all the time, thanks to the hard work of researchers and scientists around the world. Here are seven recent Earth-friendly tech innovations to get excited about!

  1. A new eco-friendly battery will safely provide up to 50 years of energy for devices like phones and pacemakers. Read the article
  2. Abandoned mine shafts will be turned into clean energy generators and storage batteries that could power the planet. Read the article
  3. Concrete can now be made up to 30% stronger just by adding leftover coffee grounds to the mixture. Read the article
  4. 3D printed cellulose can be turned into building materials and is super eco-friendly since it’s a byproduct of various industries. Read the article
  5. Farmers will soon have better internet access thanks to a partnership between Starlink and John Deere. Read the article
  6. A new AI-discovered material could reduce lithium use in batteries. Read the article
  7. Solar panel efficiency has been greatly improved just by adjusting their angle and strategically orienting and planting cover crops in the ground around the panels. Watch the video below to learn more.

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