An apple a day keeps the food insecurity away

Apple farm

People around the globe are finding ingenious ways to improve food security for themselves and others.

  • Better coffee: Coffee farmers in Guatemala reduced synthetic nitrogen on their plantation, creating crops that taste better, have better yields and increased biodiversity in the area.
  • Potayto, potahto: Farmer Tyler in Surrey, whose 5th generation family farm in British Columbia, Canada produced 70% of the province’s potatoes last year, is raising awareness about food security using TikTok and Instagram, and is fighting to protect important agricultural land.
  • Farming the city: People in cities are finding creative ways to grow nutrient-dense food in their apartments and townhomes, and are using social media to teach others how to start growing food at home by repurposing common household items.
  • Groundhog day may have come and gone, but Chunk the Groundhog in Delaware, USA, won’t stop popping up on our feeds! The adorable critter has his own little garden to nibble on thanks to a friendly farmer who decided to co-exist with the adorable animal. What’s more, Chunk seems to enjoy showing off his tasty snacks for the camera which is helping spur online discussions about farming.

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