Bring Back The Beavers!

Photo by Pierre Miyamoto
Photo by Pierre Miyamoto

After a 400-year absence, beavers have been reintroduced to a park in Hampshire, England, as part of a regeneration and food sustainability project. As a keystone species, beavers are essential for ecosystem health as their dams create important “natural wetlands and meadows, ecosystems that support all kinds of smaller wildlife such as butterflies, bats, water voles and birds.” [Beaver Trust]

Plus, the UK Government has granted legal protection to the Eurasian beaver in England.

Read the full story from [BeaverTrust.Org]

“It’s wonderful to see local communities, and schoolchildren especially, getting involved in this exciting beaver reintroduction project. Engaging young people is crucial if we want the next generation to develop an interest in nature and a passion for wanting to protect it as they grow up.” – Becky Fisher, Deputy Director of Engagement at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

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