Chickening Out | Why the whole world is in a frenzy over these birds

these hens are going viral

Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, and it seems that the time has come for chickens to enjoy their moment in the limelight. Yup, chickens:

  • Thanks to inflated egg prices, consumers are scooping up hens that are likely to be “heavy layers” and hatcheries around the United States are selling out of chicks. New York Times
  • Tips for how to feed your chickens in order to maximize egg laying are going viral on Instagram while also managing to make chickens look incredibly dreamy and whimsical. Could this have something to do with all the chicks those people just bought? CampbellsCountryCharm
  • The hype is rooted in some pretty powerful possibilities: chickens are an excellent way to improve food security and reduce food waste. A city in Belgium gave three free chickens to 2,000 families, and the immediate result was a serious reduction in food waste (100 tonnes in the first month) and free eggs for the participating families. Joe Rogan via OCPs to Overalls

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