How Sustainable Farming is Helping Kenyan Farmers Make Money

New programs are supporting Kenyan farmers in going sustainable. Image from Farm Star and Mercy Corps Ventures.
New programs are supporting Kenyan farmers in going sustainable. Image from Farm Star and Mercy Corps Ventures.

In Kenya, smallholder farmers produce up to 80% of locally produced food, so supporting them is vital for the health of the country. And several agribusinesses are doing exactly that by taking innovative approaches to buffer farmers’ risks, improve profitability for small farms, and maintain food production.

While not easy to rise above the many challenges facing farmers worldwide like declining soil health, geopolitical shifts, environmental changes, and competition from conglomerates, these projects are already off to a great start!

  • Frigoken, a major exporter of green beans to Europe, has established contracts with small farmers that ensure pre-set prices for their crops and provide support for increasing their technical knowledge. The company supports farmers in growing both cash crops and staples for household consumption, contributing to food security.
  • A new program gives farmers tokens when they purchase sustainable farm supplies. Farmers can later exchange those tokens for more supplies. The program, set up between investors Mercy Corps Ventures and award-winning sustainable fertilizer manufacturers Farm Star, uses web 3 infrastructure to ensure the tokens are usable between several rewards platforms.
  • The Maendeleo project promotes regenerative agriculture, encouraging farmers to switch from chemical to organic practices. The project has achieved notable results in just two years, with increased maize and coffee yields.

The shift to regenerative and sustainable agriculture has both benefited the environment, and has already been economically viable for farmers.

  • Kenyan farmers have seen increased productivity, reduced input costs, and improved soil health.

Such initiatives offer hope in the fight for food, emphasizing the need for action from donors, governments, individuals, and businesses to support sustainable agriculture.

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