How to spot regeneration

How do you know if the thing you’re interacting with – a system, garden, company, piece of media – is regenerative? While there are a million and one ways to measure aspects of “regeneration”, the simplest is to ask a some clever questions:

  • Is this thing creating conditions that are conducive to allowing other life to thrive, or not?
  • Will this leave natural things better than they were before?

If the answers are “yes”, congratulations! You are probably interacting with a regenerative system.

And although modern life has separated us from the natural cycles and ecosystems that we are part of, it doesn’t need to stay that way. Everything – our air, food, forests and even social systems – can be designed to be degenerative or regenerative.

We only need to ask ourselves the right questions to start uncovering extractive or degenerative systems and then work to turn those around to work for us. Leaders’ Quest

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