How To Test Your Soil Health

Here are a few fun, quick and easy tutorials from Luke, our Consulting Manager.

In this one Luke explains the Jar Test, which shows you the health and composition of your soil, in a simple video tutorial:


This jar test is incredible for teaching us about the health of our soil! #soil #soiltest #compost #regenerativeagriculture #5thworldregen

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Here Luke explains how to spot healthy soil that’s ripe for planting vs soil that could use a little love:


Soil fertility is crucial to regenerating your property! #soil #soilhealth #farm #5thworldregen

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Need help assessing the health of your land and soil, or want to find land that’s right for regenerative agriculture or homesteading? Reach out to our Land Regeneration Consulting team at 5thWorld.Farm.

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