The Surprising Benefits of “Lamb Mowers”

Next time your lawn needs a haircut, consider inviting some adorable lambs and sheep over for lunch. The fuzzy animals provide a service that’s gaining popularity thanks to their naturally regenerative approach to lawn maintenance.

How “Lamb Mowing” regenerates land

The environmental and economic benefits of using sheep for lawn care are simple:

  • Sheep selectively eat weeds and invasive plants, leaving about four inches of grass height, which is ideal for maximizing root growth and shading out weeds.
  • Sheep droppings are a natural (and unlimited) fertilizer that can reduce the need for artificial inputs.
  • Using sheep to manage grass and weeds reduces the need for gas-powered machinery, especially on large properties.

Plus, sheep can bring land managers and communities a unique sense of joy and therapeutic value as they interact with the animals!

Yard management for all sizes

Even for those who don’t have their own in-house lamb mowing squad, there are services to help keep weeds at bay while fertilizing the soil.

Take Lamb Mowers, a Northern Virginia-based business, for example: they’ll service everything from overgrown townhouse yards to very large properties that require a multi-night “Sheep-Over”.

By employing sheep to naturally mow, weed, and fertilize lawns, they’re making old-world technology new again thanks to Lamb Mowers’ founder, Cory Suter, who recognized that sheep could address common lawn care issues while actually replenishing and regenerating the land they graze on.

Dig Deeper: Learn more about lamb and sheep lawn mowing here or watch the included video.

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