This Insane Passive Solar Greenhouse Generates up to 180kWh in a Day

Given that the average one to two-bedroom apartment uses roughly 20-50kWh of energy per day (depending on location and age of the building), being able to generate 180kWh per day is pretty bonkers. But Curtis Stone of British Columbia, Canada, has built a set-up that does just that.

  • A kilowatthour (kWh) is a unit of energy used by an electrical device during a given period. For example, 1 kWh could be 1,000 watts used over 1 hour or 10 watts used over 100 hours. Kilowatthours are used to measure your electricity use (or consumption) and calculate your electricity bill. HydroQuebec

Get a tour of his passive solar greenhouse, homestead, backup systems, the cost of building, and the landscape they’ve built it in by watching the video below.

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