Why Simplicity Is Critical For Regeneration

Sometimes the proposed solutions to the world’s problems feel a bit like taking an airplane to the grocery store.

Yeah, you COULD take the most technologically advanced option to go pick up your bread and biscuits, but why would you? That option actually just makes things more complicated, expensive, and difficult.

A car (pretty advanced tech), a bike (a simple yet intelligently designed option), or two feet and a heartbeat would surely suffice.

A critical part of regenerating planet Earth is an ability to discern when tech is the answer, and when it’s best to embrace simplicity.

Why’d they have to go and make things so complicated?

The JUST Egg product illustrates this conundrum perfectly. JUST provides a plant-based faux egg product for those who wish to avoid real eggs. And, arguably, offering solutions to fit niche needs is a very noble goal.

  • Many people are unable to eat eggs for health reasons, and others choose to avoid eggs because of concerns about the industrial poultry industry.

However, contrary to what the name suggests, JUST Egg is everything but that.

  • The product contains around 15 different ingredients, many of which must be extracted or produced using energy-intensive processes. Then the product must be shipped vast distances to reach grocery store shelves.

The product may look like a solution to dietary or environmental concerns, but contrasted with the simpler, more natural option – local, free range eggs – and one starts to wonder if the product is all it’s cracked up to be.

Plus, a real egg provides high-quality, healthy protein, and well-raised chickens can be an excellent way to cut organic waste.

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