How to Permaculture Your Yard: 5 Tips

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Giving your yard a permaculture makeover is a totally doable, smart move. Permaculture planting can be different than other forms of gardening, though, so you’ll want to take an organized approach to your goals.

How Fake Beaver Dams Could Save This Farm

It may sound strange, but building a fake beaver dam is one of the first steps in regenerating and saving Glassie Farm in Scotland.

What We Can Learn From How The Sahara and The Amazon Work Together

The massive expanse of sand and rock that is the Sahara Desert has a little-know but vital role in planet health: it provides critical nutrients for Earth’s largest rainforest—the Amazon.

Why Healthy, Happy Livestock Are A Key Part Of Regenerative Agriculture

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When it comes to regenerative agriculture, animal welfare plays a key part in keeping land healthy

Investments in renewable energy overtake fossil fuels for the first time

Workers install solar panels. Photo by  Ricardo Gomez Angel.
This year, for the first time, investments in renewable energy will overtake investments in fossil fuel (coal, oil, natural gas), according to a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

How Tiny Forests Speed Up The Re-Greening Process

Have you heard of Tiny Forests®? Meant to help speed up the natural afforestation that would happen if nature were allowed to take over an area.

Divers Replant Carbon-Storing Seagrass Fields

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A new initiative in Northern Germany is teaching citizen divers how to replant seagrass fields, with the goal to “re-green the Baltic Sea,”

How One Regenerative Ranch Saved Endangered Animals From The Fire

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Can a regenerative approach to ranching help mitigate wildfire damage? When the May family purchased their 15,000-acre natural-range ranch, they knew it held a lot of potential… but they never could have imagined just how much potential it really had.

What Could an Optimistic Solarpunk Future Look Like?

AI-generated concept art of a futuristic solarpunk city from Monomosite on Instagram.
There’s a movement that’s radically reimagining the future where tech and nature work together in harmony. It’s called solarpunk.

Artificial Reefs Boost Surrounding Ecosystem, Study Finds

Many people are familiar with the use of artificial reefs to help restore underwater ecosystems, especially for coral and fish