Grass of the Gods

Every day, many people eat Grass of the Gods. In fact, Grass of the Gods has been eaten by humans for around 8000 years since it was first domesticated in what is now Mexico.

Why New Trees Aren’t Always A Good Thing

Not all forest replants are created equal. Some create thriving, carbon-sequestering ecosystems, while other can be downright disasterous.

3 Exciting Earth Stories

We read and watch a lot of stuff while putting together The Shift each week, and sometimes have to skip some pretty cool stories because we just don't have room for them.

Why You Should Have The Right To Repair

New year, new stuff? Not if these guys can help you get a new part or a quick repair for a fraction of the price. That’s what the Right to Repair movement is all about.

AI Saves Canada’s Salmon

Salmon, an important part of Canada’s marine system and food supply, migrate upstream every year in the western province of British Columbia (BC). And every year First Nations groups manually count and monitor the number of fish that pass through—sometimes covering areas larger than the state of Connecticut with just a handful of people.

Why This Man Quit His Career In Finance To Start His Permaculture Homestead

Seeking to fill a void and feel connected to nature, Andrew Martin quit his career in finance to develop his permaculture homestead in New Zealand.

How Decentralization Can Help Heal Communities

As we develop our eye for an enlightened future, a new way to structure our culture has emerged. It’s called decentralization, and it suggests that moving power and decision-making to smaller factions or groups might just be the thing we’re looking for.

World’s First House 3D Printed Using Only Organic Material

For the first time in history, a house has been 3D printed using only organic materials.

How They Detoxified a River Using Rocks. Yup, just rocks.

After the Oder River, which sits on the border of Poland and Germany, was unfortunately polluted in 2022, millions of fish started mysteriously dying. What happened or how to fix it was unclear, but one group managed to come up with a simple yet genius solution.

How One Guy Pivoted From Golf Greens To Gardens

1957 in the USA was the heyday of suburban development. Subdivisions started popping up everywhere, and Bozeman, Montana, was no exception.