Alberta, Canada Is Making Its Energy Sector Renewable

Silhouette of the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Photo by Kyler Nixon.
Alberta, Canada, is a province with a long-standing stake and reputation in the energy sector, specifically when it comes to oil and gas. But in an effort to both reach sustainable energy targets and ensure long-term economic health, the way the province does energy is set to drastically change in coming years.

How Amphibians Restore and Balance The Land

Amphibians are an extremely important—though often overlooked and highly threatened—part of a healthy, thriving ecosystem. Learn how amphibians restore and balance the land.

3 Stunning Biophilic Design Homes

Biophilic design can be absolutely beautiful, and a true breath of fresh air. Check out these stunning examples of biophilic design around the world.

Chipotle Goes Electric With New Restaurant Design

New electric restaurant design rendering by Chipotle. Image courtesy of Chipotle Mexican Grill.
Chipotle announced a new all-electric restaurant design that aims to maximize energy efficiency in its equipment and systems to help cut emissions while the chain expands.

Majority Of Travellers Want Sustainable Options, Study Finds

Backpacker takes a local-guided tour of rice fields in Tegallalang, Indonesia. Photo by Jamie Fenn.
As people around the world plan their upcoming trips and vacations, they are increasingly searching out and paying up for more sustainable travel options, according to’s 2023 Sustainable Travel Report.

Meet Our Co-Founder

Rob Avis, 5th World Co-Founder. (Photo: Owen Imaging)
Get to know our co-founder’s unlikely journey into regenerative land management.

3 Little-Known (But Important) Ways To Protect The Wilderness While You Explore

Photo by Jimmy Conover
Some outdoor tips are pretty obvious, but others-not so much. Here are three little-known but important things to do while exploring the outdoors to help keep it wild and pristine.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy Gut

A mother and daughter eat grapes off the vine. Photo by Zen Chung
A growing body of research is showing that human health is deeply and closely linked to the health of the soil where our food is grown.

Rewilding Portugal After A Devastating Fire

Six years ago a wildfire ravaged a Portuguese hillside. Then, a team stepped in to replant a small forest to help rewild the area and replace what was lost.

How Advanced Tech Can Partner With Nature For An Abundant Future

Drone flies near a forest in Greece. Photo by Jason Blackeye
People can use technology to build a brighter future, but there are a few things we’ll need to collectively consider in order for advanced tech to be truly beneficial.