How One Woman Feeds Her Family Using Her Backyard Food Forest

Asia, a young mother of 2, has developed an impressive urban homestead over the past three years.

5 Positive Climate Investments

5 Positive Climate Investments
Positive climate projects have enjoyed several investment boosts lately, with more projects set to start in the near future. Check out these five projects from around the globe.

The Surprising Benefits of “Lamb Mowers”

Next time your lawn needs a haircut, consider inviting some adorable lambs and sheep over for lunch. The fuzzy animals provide a service that’s gaining popularity thanks to their naturally regenerative approach to lawn maintenance.

How Ecotourism Can Help Conservation and Restoration Efforts

Hemmingway’s Watamu was Kenya’s first 5-star resort and is located in Watamu Marine National Park—a UNESCO-listed Biosphere Reserve. The resort undertakes many eco-activities, like using solar energy for all water heating. Image: Hemmingway’s Watamu
More than ever, people are looking for sustainable travel options. And that’s where ecotourism shines. What is ecotourism? At its heart, ecotourism is about travelling mindfully and protecting local ecosystems and economies.

How Australia Got Solar Panels Into 30% Of Homes

Arial shot of a Melbourne, Australia neighbourhood with several visible rooftop solar panels. Photo by  Tom Rumble.
Rooftop solar installations now account for 11% of Australia's electricity, contributing to a total renewable energy share of 38%.

Iceland Builds First Hempcrete House

Iceland Builds First Hempcrete House
Iceland has officially joined the Hempcrete club by completing its first building with the material. Anna, one of the architects behind the project, describes her inspiration in an interview with Iceland Review

Three Cute Critters Contributing to Earth’s Systems

Wow, you just read a lot of super serious, kinda heavy stuff. We think you deserve a reward. A really, really adorable reward! Here are three cute critters contributing to Earth’s health and ecosystems by simply existing.

Oman Revives Millions of Mangroves

Mangroves. Photo by Maxwell Ridgeway.

How Hungary and Latvia are Handling A Critical Clean Energy Transition

Half of the EU’s energy use goes towards heating and cooling, and ¾ of that comes from fossil fuels. So it’s no surprise that a transition to clean energy for indoor climate control could result in a major reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) pollution.

How This Team Will Restore An Industrial Firth In Scotland

When ongoing human activity has a negative impact on an ecosystem, can simultaneous, targeted human intervention be enough to bring about a healthy balance? The team at Mossy Earth thinks so, and they’ve devised a plan to make it happen.