Accidentally Making History

Image from  Cottonbro Studio
Many course-altering inventions, paradigm shifts, movements and breakthroughs have come about because some savvy thinker(s) set out to solve one glaring problem and accidentally laid the groundwork for solving several more, altering the course of human history.

How Beavers Tell the Future

When beavers start hiding Aspen saplings under the water, something awfully specific is around the corner!

Get Inspired To Get Outside

Hiking in Grand Canyon National Park, USA. Photo by  Diego Lozano.
Whether you want to relax in a laid-back eco-lodge, trek deep into the jungle on a thrilling adventure, take a tour to learn about local wildlife or just check another national park off your bucket list, there’s a national park to suit every lifestyle.

Fire resilience in Alberta

Learn how our 5th World team is protecting and preserving our Alberta property amidst the wildfires.

Preserving An Ancient Egyptian Oasis

Photo by  David Gavi
Permaculture is about creating permanence and self-sustaining systems. But exactly how long does something need to “work” or be sustained in order to be considered permanent?

How to spot regeneration

How do you know if the thing you’re interacting with - a system, garden, company, piece of media - is regenerative? While there are a million and one ways to measure aspects of “regeneration”, the simplest is to ask a some clever questions

Ugly food is back on the menu

Photo by  Valiant Made
When it comes to food and nutrition, it truly is what’s on the inside that counts! That’s why several businesses, individuals, and organizations are rethinking their approach to food in order to reduce food waste and improve food security.

How to Build a Village City

Making sure cities support human wellness, land regeneration and urban amenities is a high priority. One that can be accomplished by building village-style cities.

Meet The Quack Squad

This squad of 1,000+ ducks helps manage pests and bugs at a South African vineyard.

Big ideas from the Regenerative Agriculture Summit

Kelly and Danilo at the 5th World team at the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit in Chicago.
Members of the 5th World team—Kelly, who leads the Land Regeneration Team, and Danilo, who leads the MRV team recently attended the Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit in Chicago, USA, to learn about the big ideas that are shaping the future of regenerative agriculture.